Tuesday, June 7, 2016

There is nothing like several days of rain to let one knit without guilt. Unfortunately the coast has been battered with wild weather and high seas, here inland the rain just fell quite gently and kept on falling and it was ccccold outside.

On Sunday I was up to working the applied i-cord on the 'toes', there is a lot of this and my hands did not thank me.

Last night the first part of the process was finally finished, now they will be felted then the cuffs worked afterward.

Firstly there was a little bit of prep, trace the slipper into my trusty white shower curtain so I can see the changes, just for interest, more importantly traced my foot so can measure when they are done shrinking. One can always felt more but there is no going back, it looks like they might not need to be heavily felted. I use the shower curtain because it doesn't mind getting wet.

I have to be here for the whole thing and as I am in and out for next two days  I will get to the feltin' as soon as possible and will have the results then-always a bit nervous before hand or before 'foot' shall we say.

I have done a fair bit of knitted felting over the years, mostly hats and bags for the markets, I am old and lazy now and only do things for special people.

It is fascinating because never sure of results, yarn felts differently, colours change and shapes can be erratic.

Last year I wondered how an entrelac pattern would felt and used some purple and grey wool, you can see the partially felted bag, then the finished one, decorated with the lovely purple and silver buttons, I could  not get the colour right in the finished one, I am a knitter not a photographer ;-),
This bag now lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida, pause for envious sighs.

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